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I'm Mike Hanson, a games artist by trade. I popped out of the education system back in 2001 and since then I've created art (and occasionally music) for everything from well known retro classics, to mountains of more recent mobile games... I've even dabbled in the odd AAA title in my time.

Asside from my love of art, for years now I've enjoyed making hobbies of music - occasionally with a band but usually on my own, film production - I wrote and directed a few fun little science-fiction and horror shorts back in my university days, and of coding games (but of course)!

Back in late 2011 I was feeling a little like my work was stagnating. I was being paid to make art for a lot of games that I wasn't really interested in playing, and the stress was beginning to show. My partner quite rightly suggested that I needed to do something I loved as an outlet, so I took her advice, pulled all of my little passtimes together into one big uber-hobby and set off on a journey... specifically, that of teaching myself to code a retro-styled game for my Xbox 360.

I made the whole thing as public as I could, regularly posting my progress on Twitter and utilising every form of social media I could muster to gain knowledge, share tips, and generally get the word out there. To my surprize and delight the word really did spread, and in the meantime my little learning exercise came along in leaps and bounds.

When my employer closed it's art department on January 1st 2013 and made me redundant in the process, I bit the bullet and turned my little hobby into my first commercial one-man game, Power-Up. I leaned on my savings to survive and that February, I ran a kickstarter campaign to buy me the software liences I would need to get Power-Up legitimately released. With the support of the online community, I was able to launch Power-Up on XBLIG by that September and was committed to making a PC version of the game shortly after.

That pretty much brings us up to date. In a nutshell, I'm Mike. An independent games developer. I intend to keep the games coming on whatever formats the demand calls for. I also intend to keep on learning and to keep on sharing as I go. Do check back to the site regularly, or better still, follow my twitter feed @psypsoft for direct contact and constant in-depth updates of my progress.

Hope to see you there soon...

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