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I love online video communities!

I love how enthusiastic, dedicated gamers can keep games alive and relevant through the sort of easy access that the online format provides, and I regularly stick a bit of gameplay on in the background when I'm working on my games. It stands to reason that I'd love nothing more than to have videos of my own games easily available for others to enjoy too, so here's where I stand on the subject...

* You're welcome to make and upload gameplay videos of my games for reviews, commentaries, speed-runs, etc.
* I also have no problem if you want to monetize those videos too.

All I ask is that with any footage from my games, you please provide a working link to my site: so that anybody interested in my stuff can investigate further. Oh, and do feel free to give me a shout via email or Twitter as I'd love to check it out myself and will probably give it a bit of a ReTweet too.


Obviously, all this doesn't apply to use of my art, sound or music assets outside of the game footage, but I'm a reasonable sort. If you need to use any of this stuff seperately just drop me a line at and we'll probably be able to sort something out.

Thanks for considering the inclusion of my game content on your channel. I really appreciate that.

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